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Australian who irked Duterte wins appeal, still faces ouster

Jun 18, 2018

The Philippine justice secretary has revoked an immigration expulsion order for an Australian nun who irked the Philippine president by joining political rallies but she still faces possible deportation

House GOP unveils bill for young immigrants, $25B for border

Jun 15, 2018

House Republicans unveil a draft immigration bill that gives young immigrants here illegally a path to citizenship, beefs up border security and ends longtime preference for family visas

UK lifts immigration cap for medical workers amid shortages

Jun 14, 2018

Britain says it will lift a cap on the number of visas granted to foreign doctors and nurses to help ease staff shortfalls in the National Health Service

House GOP leaders kick around various immigration proposals

Jun 14, 2018

House Republican leaders try to craft legislation on immigration issues that have stalled in Congress for years

Immigration firm seems to thrive after Trump lawyer's help

Jun 11, 2018

Some companies regret turning to Michael Cohen for help, but a Florida immigration firm appears to have gotten nearly everything it wanted

For Bourdain, food was a storytelling tool _ and a passport

Jun 9, 2018

For Anthony Bourdain, food was a storytelling tool, and a passport to explore cultures across the globe

House Republican factions hunt for immigration deal

Jun 8, 2018

House Republicans struggle in search for an immigration compromise that has eluded them for decades

Immigration issue upends child sex verdict in South Carolina

Jun 8, 2018

South Carolina's Supreme Court has overturned a child-sex conviction, saying the man's lawyers should have been able to challenge the credibility of a witness based on a special visa she was given to encourage her testimony

GOP moderate: Tentative immigration deal with conservatives

Jun 8, 2018

A leader of House moderates says there is a tentative deal with conservatives to help young immigrants, conservatives demur

Abramovich is latest Russian oligarch to move to Israel

May 29, 2018

The sudden immigration to Israel of billionaire Roman Abramovich makes him the latest in a string of Jewish Russian oligarchs who have made a home in the country in recent years

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