Passports And Visas

Saudi Arabia uses ancient tourist site to alter its history

Apr 21, 2018

Saudi Arabia is hoping to alter perceptions as it prepares to open the country to tourist visas and international tour groups later this year

'This is my real life': Where Trump's travel ban hits home

Apr 20, 2018

Whatever the outcome of President Donald Trump's ban on travel from certain countries, it is already shaping lives and plans

Russia says US visa delays could halt direct flights

Apr 19, 2018

The Russian Foreign Ministry says increasing delays by the United States in issuing visas could result in flagship airline Aeroflot ending flights to the U.S.

Columbia offers scholarships to Syrians, despite visa ban

Apr 15, 2018

Columbia University is moving ahead with a scholarship program for displaced Syrian students, despite visa ban

Muslim activist from Australia denied entry into US

Apr 12, 2018

A Muslim activist from Australia has been denied entry into the U.S., where she was scheduled to speak at a literary festival

African nation of Chad is being taken off US travel ban list

Apr 10, 2018

The White House says citizens of Chad will be able to receive visas for travel to the United States after the African nation was placed on the administration's travel ban list

Correction: Adoption Immigration Case-Kansas story

Apr 4, 2018

Correction: Adoption Immigration Case-Kansas story

Labor abuses muddy future of Saipan work visa program

Apr 4, 2018

A recent spate of visa abuses in the Northern Mariana Islands has cast a shadow over efforts to save and expand a visa program unique to the U.S. commonwealth.

Trump says he wants skilled migrants but creates new hurdles

Apr 2, 2018

Trump wants the US immigration system to focus on skills instead of family ties, but his administration is making it harder on skilled immigrants

Russia ramps up diplomatic tensions, expels more UK envoys

Mar 30, 2018

The crisis between Russia and the West over the poisoning of a former double agent in Britain heightened Friday as Russia ordered new cuts to the number of British envoys in the country

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