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As 'overtourism' swamps Amsterdam, Dutch capital pushes back

Dec 11, 2017

Hordes of tourism are derailing daily life in parts of historic Amsterdam as visitors clog the city's narrow streets and stores catering only to tourists edge out shops for locals. City officials are pushing back

Sexual misconduct often part of the job in hospitality work

Dec 10, 2017

Court documents, interviews indicate workers in hospitality industry are routinely subjected to sexual harassment, but the behavior largely goes unchecked

Las Vegas' overhauled Monte Carlo transforming into Park MGM

Dec 10, 2017

Las Vegas' overhauled Monte Carlo is taking shape as the upscale Park MGM casino-hotel

Ho, ho, ho, Yosemite: A magical winter destination

Dec 4, 2017

Ho, ho, ho, Yosemite: A magical winter destination offering everything from skiing and snowshoeing to a seven-course holiday hotel dinner

Parents and teens in South Beach on a budget: It can be done

Dec 4, 2017

Can parents and teens find a way to enjoy a vacation on South Beach together without breaking the budget? It can be done!

In film 'Voyeur,' we watch a story about watching unravel

Nov 27, 2017

Celebrated writer Gay Talese was supposed to be on his way to another sensational best-seller with his book "The Voyeur's Motel" when the facts got in the way

Italy puts 23 people under investigation in hotel avalanche

Nov 23, 2017

Italian prosecutors have put 23 people under formal investigation in the hotel avalanche in which 29 guests and staff died

Learning to ski: How do you know when your child is ready?

Nov 22, 2017

Learning to ski: How do you know when your child is ready?

Colorado ski season: Mountain coasters, Olympic fun and more

Nov 20, 2017

Colorado's ski resorts are getting ready for winter with mountain coasters, new lifts and celebrations themed on the Winter Olympic Games

A look at what's in store for the New England ski season

Nov 20, 2017

From the return of the women's World Cup to Killington to the debut of cat skiing for adventurous skiers and riders at Sugarloaf in Maine, New England resorts are offering a variety of events and upgrades to draw skiers and riders this season

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