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Snow storm wallops Seattle, people rescued in Sierra Nevada

Feb 9, 2019

A winter storm is pounding Washington state, forcing the cancellation of 200 flights in Seattle as officials worked to get people off the streets and into shelters during the nation's latest bout with winter weather

Snowbound California guests freed after 5 days at lodge

Feb 9, 2019

More than 120 visitors and staff who were snowbound in a Sierra Nevada resort for five days have been freed

Suspects' lawyer offers condolences at Tunisia terror trial

Feb 8, 2019

A lawyer for suspects in two separate attacks in Tunisia that killed about 60 people, mainly tourists, offered condolences to the victims' families

Judge denies Hawaii's move to get Airbnb host records

Feb 7, 2019

A judge denied Hawaii's move to compel Airbnb to hand over a decade of vacation rental receipts as the state examines whether hosts have been paying the equivalent of hotel and sales taxes

Trial sought for 25 suspects in 2017 Italian hotel avalanche

Feb 6, 2019

Trial is being sought for 25 suspects for the deadly 2017 avalanche at a hotel in the Italian Apennine mountains

Not plane sailing: Jumbo jet crawls through Dutch fields

Feb 6, 2019

A Boeing 747 has begun its final journey - making its way at walking pace rather than jet speed - from Schiphol Airport to the grounds of a nearby hotel

Resort keeps alive tradition of harvesting ice from lake

Feb 5, 2019

A resort in New Hampshire is harvesting ice from a nearby lake so its summer guests can cool their drinks the old-fashioned way

More than 150 evacuated from stuck chairlift at ski resort

Jan 28, 2019

A Vermont ski resort says more than 150 skiers and snowboarders were evacuated off a chairlift that stopped

Tribal land known for waterfalls won't allow tour guides

Jan 26, 2019

The Arizona tribe known for its blue-green waterfalls won't allow visitors to book through a tour company this year

Travel industry fears damage from a long government shutdown

Jan 18, 2019

Travel industry and economists fear damage from a prolonged government shutdown

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